Unlabelled Orientation

What is unlabelled?

Unlabelled is an identity within the LBGTQ+ where by identifying with it, a person chooses not to give themselves a label according to the standards in the community. In this way, they are still part of the community but do not identify with any specific label, such as gay, bi, pan, lesbian etc.Someone can have multiple reasons for identifying as unlabelled. They could feel as though no specific label fits their sexuality, and how their feel attraction, or they could just simply be uncomfortable labeling themselves! Their sexuality can be fluid and change over time. This identity is about being comfortable in your sexuality and not having a label.

Frequently asked questions

Does every person without a label identify as unlabeled?

No! In some ways, identifying as unlabelled and having a flag is having a label. Some people choose simply to remain unlabelled, rather than take on the unlabelled identity.

Is being unlabelled a step in your journey to chose a label?

Sometimes people choose to identify as unlabelled/have no label, while they are still discovering themselves, and that's completely fine. But we must remember that a lot of the time, people would like to remain unlabelled, and that's fine too! You do not need a label or be searching for a label to be valid!

Can unlabelled people also identify with another orientation relating to their sexuality?

Many unlabelled people find comfort in also identifying as Queer/Achillean/Sapphic, and that's completely ok! It may help them feel more comfortable in their identities, and should always be respected.

What does the flag mean?

The green in the flag stands for freedom, the white for understanding, blue for acceptance, and orange for flexibility! Not every unlabelled person feels comfortable with this flag, and that's ok!

Comments to avoid

- Unlabelled people are afraid to identify with something
- You should know what your identity is
- Every unlabeled person is multisexual
- You're probably just insert identity here
- Pomosexual = unlabelled
- If you identify as unlabelled, that's labelling yourself
- You're calling yourself unlabelled to get away with being straight

Unlabelled visibility day is January 19th. This is a way for us to celebrate our unlabelled siblings, and bring awareness to the fact that you do not need to have a label!

If you are not unlabelled, thank you so much for reading this carrd and educating yourselves on unlabelled identities. If you are unlabelled, remember you are completely valid and loved. <3